Call Representative Camp, Chairman of the US House Ways and Means Committee now!:

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Senate Resolution SJR24 introduced in MO Senate:

Senate bill SJR24, a joint resolution which if passed by both houses would go on the Missouri ballot in November 2014.  Many features of this bill are similar to the National FairTax™, HR25 or S122.  It would make Missouri’s tax revenue system look much like Tennessee. (see Chapter 2, Rich States, Poor State, by Art Laffer and others at Resources section of this site. The introduced text of the bill is also at the Resources section. For more about this bill, see Blog posting for April 27, 2013 under “Tax Reform” by Fred Berry.

New Resources:

Use the added bookmarks at your FairTax meetings or FairTax Booths. There are three per page. Just download, print, cut, and hand out. Great for Tea Party or FairTax events!

Did You Attend the Rally? If not, you missed a great one!

While it is true that the rally was not well attended by the general public, it was a great success. The speakers were wonderful and relevant…many great stories about the perniciousness of our current income tax system, and how FairTax would end so much of the mischief in our government, and how if we had FairTax it would restore power and sovereignty to the people and to the states.  This is one of those policy pieces that as more and more people become educated about the benefits of the FairTax they more they like it.  The politicians for the most part do not support it because it transfers power out of Washington, D.C. and puts it back to the states and the people. To get Fair Tax, we have to bang on our Senators and elected representatives and demand it.  Regardless of party affiliation, if you cherish liberty and freedom, then support of the FairTax should be top priority in deciding which candidates to support or not. The alternative is socialism and slavery, which is where we are today under our current tax system.  Please call or write Representatives Ann Wagner, Blaine Leuktemeyer, and Vicki Hartzler, Roy Blunt and Claire McCaskill and tell them you want the FairTax and that you want them to co-sponsor it as others have. Tell them you are tired of the corruption in Washington.

We did get video of each of the speakers and will be posting some of these on You Tube and eventually we will either have feeds or links to those videos on this site.

Thanks, Earl, and all the directors, volunteers and speakers who made this rally such a great success.

Tax Independence Day Rally:  April 15, 2013

Get the details at the rally website: www.mofairtaxrally.com

Our Mission

It is the mission of MOFairTax Inc., a non-profit, non-partisan organization to educate and inform the citizens of Missouri of the benefits of replacing the federal income tax system with the National FairTax,™ HR 25 or S 122.  The national FairTax™  is a fair, efficient, and a great alternative to the current tax system. We believe that its passage would fund the government, end much of the corruption in Washington, and return personal and state sovereignty that has been frittered away for the last one  hundred years.

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This site is a bit out of date, but it is being updated some every day, so check back often to see what changes have been made. Recommend changes by email to Fred Berry.

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